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Went fish'n at Crane Prairie Res. last week didn't catch any fish but I caught a hell of a buzz. Pat and I decided to go fish'n to get away from this place we come to work. We got a 30 day notice that we would be laid off at the end of the month. This wasn't a big surprise. This has been coming for a long time. But anyway we had a good time that area is cool, we watched several Bald Eagles swoop down and pull fish out of the water. There are Osprey and Loons as well, so at least when the fish weren't biting we had things to look at. My buddy from Condon cam down Thursday night and we watched the fire burn and got drunk. We definitely smelled like camp fire that night. The next day we fished all day with out catching any fish. The charter boat caught a monster rainbow that was aronnd 13 lbs. this was a big fish it filled up a 48 qrt cooler from end to end. I stopped and looked at some cata-rafts on the way home. I had been thinking of getting a drift boat but I am going to get one of these . They are more sturdy in the water and can travel in less water. They are also cheaper. Anyway enough rambling.
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